The following feature excerpts from the original Chakra Series, created by Katherine Amber Wilson, published by Juanita Pienaar of with excerpts released onto Facebook @Lifeat108 and Pinterest

First Chakra

A healing isn’t about being permanently healing but about learning you are alive.  A changing being, full of energy.

I got the staggering news that my friend was changing domiciles, indicating I would having to find a new place to live.  I was staggered and panicking. I searched, anxious. This is not what I asked the universe for! What would I do? 

Ultimately my circumstances could be called luck–bad or good.  What you allow is what you let it be. A blessing or a curse. But I felt a healing physically as Light entering my body during meditation with another human being, witnessing it.  I prayed, sent gratitudes, and set intentions. I also worked very hard. What I felt in my body was a literal reception of Light cleansing of my root. 

My trust in the universe’s beneficence comes in part from these types of healing.  It gives and gives, until faith is born.  

Second Chakra
Something broke free in me.  I met myself, and she nurtured me by giving me pleasure.  She was my child, my lover, and myself, and I knew her name.  Her name is Beauty. I was able to tell her, myself: I love you.  And be totally nurturing, and nurtured. It was the most beautiful experience.  

I began realising that I am sacred, I am Divine, and to be treated as Divine, I must treat myself as Divine.  To be taken seriously, I must also taken myself seriously.  
To really break free of the patterns of abuse and self-harm, one has to consciously commit. Sometimes abuse is comfortable. Abuse can look like a beautiful cage.  

It is stepping up and making those choices for the self, and remaining conscious of one’s Divinity–that is what heals.  Staying conscious and true to this Divinity–one’s Beauty–is hard, in a sea of other people’s opinions.  

This healing is a healing of freedom from the outside: a surrender to one’s innermost self.

The Third Chakra

Being powerful comes from being open, and allowing energy to flow through the body.  The primal abundance does not come from grasping, but from allowing. Being aware of and promoting the knowledge that there will always be more. 

Maintaining this is hard work, because humans love to tense up in anxiety. 

I also began feeling more able to admit myself to myself.  To simply be. Abundance comes, abundance goes, but I am me. Being anxious is a squeeze that ultimately ends in a grip that wards off all manifestation and confidence.   
 This healing is moderation, and the illustration of the body, mind, and spirit to control itself.  

Fourth Chakra

 I am able to relate to others with compassion and empathy as a first mode of operation, most of the time.  

As with everything, there are speed bumps.  It’s called changing the pattern.  

The primary teaching of the heart is compassion, but the way to reach this is gratitude.  It is truly a simple idea, but there is no shortcut. Compassion must be built out of kindness and generosity to oneself.          

Without first being able to give to the self, one cannot give to anyone else.

The devotion of Love is to become it.

Fifth Chakra

I specifically began to encourage myself to speak my truth, even if it was in smaller ways.  Those sound small to others but they are big for me. They are ways I would notice, if no one else would.  

Now it’s created a positive boundary shift. I am finding out how to discuss, set, and keep boundaries, and ultimately, be my own Goddess.  I am learning how to ask nicely but also that I don’t need to apologise for what I believe is necessary.  

These are revelatory.  

I have had difficulty speaking my truth, asking for anything I truly wanted, anxiety, and I felt a rapid connection to my ability to communicate and regulate myself, and set my own boundaries, instead of allowing others to set them for me. 

I am now using my voice in many situations and instead of remaining silent, I am informing others, and being given the chance to share my truth in multiple places. 

I had no idea that I had so many problems with this chakra until my sacral chakra healing began.   

Believing in my own Divinity goes hand-in-hand with speaking and acting my truth.  
Guiding myself through Love, I guide my way into the Light.  This healing is the healing of transparency and truth in word, thought and deed.  

Sixth Chakra

When the third eye comes into balance, it is wise. It feels its own intuition, and discerns easily and naturally.  

While dreams and foresights and synchronicities and alignments began to line up, I began to slowly understand that the universe shows us possibilities, while we interpret them.   

While dreams and foresights and synchronicities and alignments began to line up, I began to slowly understand that the universe shows us possibilities, while we interpret them.   

We are not bound to the universe’s truth, but we are bound by our own egos.  On the path to releasing the ego, we find out that controlling a situation or others is not our business.  And that is how discernment and wisdom come into being, once that anxiety is also released.

And so, focusing ourselves on the present moment is the only thing to do. Because anything else is like listening to a gossipy person.  

Simply letting go and surrendering to the dance of the self is making art as you can and should allow yourself.  Without anxiety, and freely.       

 Seventh Chakra

Perhaps because ascension is exalted, rather than encouraged in society. This creates a binary effect, and unfortunately makes it a, “you/me,” rather than an, “Us” which takes the sacred out of it. 

The Oneness of all, and ultimately, the loneliness of the nature of the universe, and that explained our individual consciousness…the universe was playing with itself.  Like a child. Which made me burst out laughing. Starry Goo.

The ridiculousness of the universe and the seriousness of survival affected me.  It’s hard to survive without levity.   

Understanding others begins with the willingness to understand the self. Listening to the self is important, and can also be practised.  Understanding is requires commitment to spiritual practise.

The healing for this chakra is humility.  The humility to subjugate oneself to a power greater than oneself and to connect the inner Wisdom to the Greater Divine, fusing the two.  

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