Ugly Duckling Presse

These are excerpts of original articles written by Katherine Amber Wilson, reviewing a selection authours published by Ugly Duckling Presse, Elena Fanilova and Ellie Ga. You may contact the Presse for their books here:

Classification of a Spit Stain

Have you ever wondered what happens to your extra bodily fluids or casually discarded gum? Artist Ellie Ga is here to fill you in. Carefully dissected and labeled, various parts of the world’s sidewalks and subway platforms are given new life by Ga’s whimsically scientific approach. My favourite involves a cupcake wrapper.

The Russian Version

Elena Fanailova, woman of eclectic talents and tastes. She is a poet and a journalist, having also worked as a medical doctor. Her poems in The Russian Version vibrate from the page, in quiet bursts of color asking the reader to really consider what war does to a nation. Fanailova’s accomplishment does not lie within the individual lines but within crafting a volume so completely alive.

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